Tourist hostel TJ Slavoj

A tourist hostel is located in the area of the sports club TJ Slavoj. Capacity : 48 rooms (9x5 rooms with beds, 1x3 barrier free rooms with beds), sanitary facilities are available on the rooms and there is the possibility to connect a TV.

Prices for the accommodation:
1 night CZK 180,–
2 and more nights CZK 170,–

Long-term stays are discounted!

To your disposal are:

  • the opportunity to watch TV
  • to connect to high-speed internet via Wi-Fi
  • a gym with measurements 26m x 14m directly in the building, price CZK 250,-/per hour
  • the training playing field is free of charge, the main football field is for rent CZK 400,-/per hour
  • the gaming club for table tennis is free of charge
  • the clubroom equipped with a TV (50 places) is free of charge
  • the installed kitchenette is free of charge
  • tennis courts:
  • catering for guests can be arranged, contact Mrs Taťána Staňková, telephone +420 733 480 136 or the school canteen MŠ Jeseník nad Odrou, telephone 556 739 116

Sportovní areálTělocvičnaSpolečenská místnostVířivka v  masážním centruPokojeVybavení pokojůSociální zázemíSociální zařízení na pokoji

Food and drink facilities:

  • restaurant Slávie
  • School canteen in Jeseník nad Odrou

Preferably for organising sports assemblies, schools in nature, school trips, outdoor recreation, schooling, tuition, etc. There is a good train and bus connection.


Address: TJ Slavoj
Jeseník nad Odrou 235
742 33 Jeseník nad Odrou
Tel.:+420 556 739 020
Mobile phone:+420 605 953 932, +420 606 635 654

Community centre Klášter (Monastery)

Country like accommodation
Capacity: 25 places (2 rooms + 1 room with a kitchenette)

To your disposal are:

  • a large kitchen + dining room
  • 2 showers + 3 WC
  • rooms for locking up your bicycles and for making repairs

There is a minicamp with a fireplace as a part of the object.
Community centre Klášter is a certified establishment "Cyclists are welcome".


Address: Community centre Klášter
Blahutovice 34
741 01 Nový Jičín
Tel.:+420 556 752 030
Mobile phone:+420 603 845 216